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Cut Your Fresh Produce Cost By Up To 50% By Buying ‘Ugly’

Did you know that (on average), fresh fruit and vegetables can take up to 10% of your total food costs?
With razor-thin margins, it is crucial to reduce this cost sustainably to increase profits for your business!
At Imperfect Market, our mission is to reduce your produce costs while fighting global food waste.
We sell locally-grown ‘wonky’ and ‘ugly’ produce to businesses at a fraction of the price. Many people have an idea that ‘imperfect produce’ means low-quality, towards the end of shelf life, and doesn’t taste as good compared to their more aesthetic counterparts.
The truth is our ‘imperfect produce’ tastes just as delicious, is incredibly fresh, and are some of the highest quality produce available.
Plus, they are better for our planet earth and you can support the local community.
However, don’t take our word for it – we want you to experience the quality of our produce yourself!
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