IM Gives

You Buy, You Give

Giving is Receiving!

Our mission is to simplify the supply chain by bridging the gap between local growers and local businesses to promote local economy, using misshapen produce. That is why when you buy from Imperfect Market, you are also contributing $1 from each order towards fighting food waste and food insecurity.

Why it matters?

“In Australia, there are over 3.6 million people experiencing food insecurity at some point every year, 27% of which are children. In fact, the demand for food relief is rising, with charities reporting a 10% increases in demand last year. It is also a common misconception that only homeless people require food relief. However, the main recipients of food relief are individuals and families who have generally low incomes or are unemployed, not just those who are homeless.  The face of hunger in Australia is diverse – it affects males, females, children, the elderly, single people and families, students, employed, unemployed and retired people. High-risk groups include people with disabilities, refugees and Indigenous Australians. Some of the common reasons why people find themselves seeking food relief include a lack of funds to pay rent and bills, and unexpected expenses such as car repairs or medical bills” (FoodBank Australia 2015).

How you can help?

Just by purchasing from Imperfect Market, you are making a difference in reducing Australia’s food loss (in the production, post-harvest and distribution), food waste (in retail and consumption) and supporting Australians in need.

We are a proud supporter of OzHarvest