The Story Of Our Perfectly Imperfect Market

The Story Of Our Perfectly Imperfect Market

Ugly Is The New Beautiful

After leaving the corporate world to pursue our dreams in the food industry, we soon realised that we have chosen to embark on a journey that has not only challenged us physically but mentally. As food operators, you would understand that this industry is one of those that involves hard work, long hours and high operation costs, yielding razor thin margins but yet, it is fulfilling as you see the happy faces of your customers, enjoying every bit of your food.


During the first three years of operation when our business was at the peak, we were too busy running our business and were oblivious towards the amount of food that we were actually wasting all these while. Speaking of food wastage, did you know that the Australian food industry accounts for around 950 thousand tonnes of food waste annually, of which 78% actually ends up in landfill? It finally dawned on us when our business started maturing and the competition was getting fierce as restaurants start mushrooming.

 Changing To An Imperfect Market

Given our notoriously tight margins, it was crucial for us to come up with a plan to strengthen our competitive advantage.  Fresh produce was always a challenge for us as the prices were always unstable, depending on seasons and we were always at the mercy of the hands of our suppliers. This is when we wanted to make a change to the traditional supply chain.


At Imperfect Market, we pride ourselves in bringing you all wonky, imperfect and surplus fresh produce directly from our growers. This means fresher produce, fewer food kilometres, fighting food waste, support for our local growers and at the same time, reducing your fresh produce costs by up to 50%.


As an aggregator for growers and food operators, we aim to reduce our purchasing and operational costs, hence passing on those savings back to you.


We believe great things happen when we work together. Although the produce that we source are not perfect but that does not mean we compromise on freshness and quality. Our aim is to ensure that every piece of fruit and vegetable that we source is of the highest quality, fresh and delicious and at the same time, they are also good for the planet and financially beneficial to our well-deserving growers and you, our valued customers. Every single purchase that you make, no matter how big or small the order is will make a positive impact to our planet earth. Would you give us a go today?