Our THREE pillars; rescue wonky produce, reduce fresh produce costs for businesses and help Aussie growers.

We are a B2B innovative and tech driven marketplace that enables commercial and institutional food operators to purchase quality 'ugly' and surplus produce, delivered directly from the farm gate at a significant saving and to eradicate on farm losses.

We are proud partner of Love Food Hate Waste, which aims to reduce the amount of food waste in Australia.



“The first impression I got when I thought about imperfect produce was produce that is nearly expired and wilted. In fact, it was everything but what I thought of. Though the sizes vary and these are blemishes on the skin, the fruit and vegetables that we receive is absolutely perfect. I would encourage you to give it a try for your restaurants before you judge”

DavidOperation Manager

“We have been ordering our fresh produce from Imperfect Market for a few weeks now and the quality of fruits and vegetables that we have been receiving have been consistently good. It is great that we can reduce our fresh produce cost and at the same time play a part in giving back to the society”

ShovanRestaurant Manager

“Do not let the word ‘imperfect’ change your perception of what good food is. The fresh produce that we have been receiving for our restaurant has been perfectly fine, where freshness and nutritional value is concerned. As a small business operator, there is no better way to reduce our costs without compromising on quality”

JamieRestaurant Owner

“Apart from the quality fresh produce that we receive, we find the Imperfect Market platform is user friendly and takes care of everything from purchase to delivery. The staff is very friendly and approachable and the whole process is just time saving and effortless”

AaronHead Chef